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Tristone is a solid surface worktop that is 100% acrylic, long lasting, elegant and extremely practical. It is resistant to heat, bacteria water, and many chemicals. Consequently, Tristone is excellent for use in hospitals, kitchens, offices, bathrooms, schools, laboratories, restaurants, and anywhere else which calls for superior performance and resistance to bacteria and microbes.

Tristone Solid Surface Fabricators Macclesfield

Tristone cleans up very easily just applying normal home cleaning products, and water. There are 3 distinct finishes, semi-gloss, high-gloss, matte/satin, each one requiring a slightly unique technique.

If your Tristone counter top suffers damages, just like scratches or stains (although it is extremely scratch and stain resistant) it is able to be quickly repaired. Scratches and stains can just be sanded out, then afterwards the surface restored using a polisher.

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Tristone work surfaces are completely impervious to damage from microbes or other bacteria, since it is totally non-porous. For this reason it’s frequently applied in hospitals, laboratories restaurants, and various other areas when effective hygiene is of great importance. Tristone is certified by the NSF which shows that the materials has been assessed and analysed, before being awarded the NSF certification. NSF is the sole 3rd party testing company that has such stringent criteria. It not only evaluates materials used, but they also make unannounced plant evaluations to make certain of adherence to its guidelines.

Tristone worktops are available in a wide variety of colours, and could be customised and cut having endless layout possibilities. It can easily also be integrated with various other materials in the bathroom or kitchen, like glass, granite, tiles and more, so that you may get a kitchen or bathroom that echoes your personal style.

We offer a Design template Fitting and Installation Services in Macclesfield and all over the Cheshire area.

The Benefit Of Tristone Work Surfaces

Compared to other kitchen and bathroom worksurfaces, a Tristone worksurface has numerous advantages. Granite is often used for kitchen work surfaces, but it should be professionally sealed every few years. If it is not sealed, the surface is permeable and will hold bacteria and germs. It also marks easily, and has obvious seams. Tristone solid surfaces are totally non-porous, and also have no visible seams.

Ordering Tristone solid surfaces from Envy Worksurfaces also has a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty. This manufacturer’s warranty could be transferred to the new property owner, if you resell your property during the manufacturer’s warranty period.

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